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Information about housing program eligibility.

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Eligibility for Albuquerque Housing Authority's Public Housing and Section 8 voucher programs is based on gross income and family size.

Program Eligibility

A family's income can't exceed 50 percent of Albuquerque's median income, which the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has determined to be $31,450 for a family of four. The table shows the income limits used to determine eligibility.

Family Size Annual Income*
1 $22,050
2 $25,200
3 $28,350
4 $31,450
5 $34,000
6 $36,500
7 $39,000
8 $41,550
* 2013 Income Limits


Currently, the demand for housing assistance in Albuquerque exceeds our program resources.

This means that qualified applicants are placed onto our waiting list. Albuquerque Housing Authority recognizes the federal preferences for applicants who have been involuntarily displaced, those who have lost their home because of flood or fire, or those who need to move to avoid reprisals (like someone in a witness protection program).

Albuquerque Housing Authority also has established some local preferences for applicants which include preferences for those who are employed or going to school, or participating in welfare-to-work or job training programs, and for applicants who are disabled or elderly.

Applicants who receive one or more of these preferences may move ahead of those with no preferences on the waiting list.

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